Environmental projects


New generation of organic-mineral fertilizers


Innovative technologies of growing greens, berries and vegetables all year long.

Ifarm has combined the knowledge of agronomists and IT-professionals, and got an effective way of growing tasty vegetables, berries and greens in perfect microclimate only by pressing a button, without any knowledge of agrochemistry. IT solution allows you to reduce payroll costs Automating all production and sales processes, and also to use the big range of instructions of unique cultivations.


For over 8 years of work, a natural highly effective food strain of chlorella has been developed. A great deal of know-how has been discovered to effectively cultivate the microalgae chlorella.

A line of products for nutrition, cosmetology and SPA has been introduced to the market. A great deal of experience has been gained in working with animal husbandry, crop production and in the biological rehabilitation of lakes and ponds.

Together with company Chlorella Mira the team produced live chlorella dietary supplement and chlorophytamine fertilizer. By today the team is able to establish highly profitable production of chlorella in almost any state.