Youth projects

On January 15 - 23, 2019, the International Youth Exchange “My Nationality is Mankind” was held in the cultural and educational center “ETNOMIR”, which gathered 30 representatives of active youth from Russia, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, Egypt and Morocco.

Within the framework of the project, guests of the ethnographic park learned to understand cultures of other nations, developed skills of cooperation and intercultural communication, overcame stereotypes and prejudices, developed ideas for promoting the culture of peace, respect for human rights and friendship of peoples. During each day, participants in the form of games, trainings, creative tasks, discussions and project work revealed for themselves the diversity of the world, opinions, attitudes, cultures.

The event was organized by the Swedish non-profit organization Föreningen Framtidståget and the Dialogue of Cultures - One World International Charitable Foundation. The partners were organizations promoting youth participation in the life of communities: Have a Dream (Egypt), Train of Future (Morocco), Youthfully Yours (Slovakia), Hyvärilä nuoriso- ja matkailukeskus (Finland). The project was funded by the European Commission under the ERASMUS + program.