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Project «ETNOMIR»

Этнодворы стран мира The pavilions of the Street of the World Ethnic yard of Russian regions

  • “Australia and Oceania”
  • “South - Eastern Asia”
  • “Eastern Asia”
  • “South Asia. Himalayan house”
  • “South Asia. Congress hall”
  • “Central Asia. Caravan-serai”
  • “Across the world. Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia, Oceania”
  • “Across the world. Europe and North America”
  • “Western Asia”
  • “South and Eastern Europe”
  • “Western and North Europe”
  • “Africa”
  • “Latin America”
  • “North America”

  • “Norway, Sweden, Iceland”
  • “Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg”
  • “United Kingdom, Ireland”
  • “Italy, Vatican, San Marino”
  • “Countries of the Caribbean”
  • “Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela”
  • “Brazil, Guiana, Guyana, Suriname”
  • “Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan”
  • “Countries of Central Asia”
  • “Ukraine, Belarus”
  • “Australia”
  • “Switzerland”
  • “Russia”
  • “Countries of Southeast Asia”
  • “Countries of South Asia”
  • “Oceania”
  • Cultural center
  • Craft Town
  • House of Travelers
  • “Afghanistan, Tadjikistan”
  • Russian stove museum
  • Forpost
  • “Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia”
  • “Poland”
  • “Norway, Iceland, Sweden”
  • “Canada”
  • “USA”
  • “Mexico”
  • “Countries of South Africa”
  • “Countries of Central Africa”
  • “Countries of North Africa”
  • “Countries of the Arabian Peninsula”
  • “Czech Republic, Slovakia”
  • “Moldova, Romania”
  • “Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia”
  • “France”
  • “Germany”
  • Innovative Centre
  • “Andorra, Spain, Portugal”
  • “Greece, Cyprus, Malta”
  • “Middle Eastern countries”
  • “Austria, Hungary”
  • “Balkan countries”
  • “Turkey, Iran, Iraq”
  • “Denmark, Finland”
  • Greenwich Peninsula
  • “Korea”
  • “Japan”
  • “Siberia”
  • “Podvorye”
  • “China”

About the Project

ETNOMIR is the largest ethnographic park of Russia and offers a wide range of tours, excursions, master classes, banquet, animation programs and other entertainments. Ideal for family and children, youth and corporate leisure. Etnomir offers excellent cooperative arrangements for travel agencies and business partners.

The park in summary:

83 hectares of park
46 hectares of forest
252,000 sq.m of buildings and structures

50 ethnic yards - the territory representing the culture of the countries of the world, are geographically located in two fields:

  • "Countries of the Eastern Hemisphere"
  • "Countries of the Western Hemisphere"

14 pavilions of the Streets of the World are trade and exhibition pavilions as collective images of the parts of the world along the whole territory of the park.

Already implemented:

5 ethnic yards
8 pavilions of Street of the World
Stable flow of visitors - 1 million people per year
The possibility of holding large-scale events up to 30 thousand people
Developed infrastructure: social facilities, shops, parking for 2 thousand cars
Roads, communications, plots of land for construction (with approval documents).

Cooperation form


  • Strategic investment
  • Investment in the construction of ethnic yard
  • Investment in the construction of certain project