The Development Strategy

The Development Strategy of the project “ETNOMIR” for 2018-2025 includes the evolvement of the project, its realization, popularization of the basic ideas and values of the Fund across the whole world. The strategy starts with the construction of the ETNOMIR Parks and goes all the way to the creation of the City of peoples’ friendship.

It means comprehensive and exponential growth but preserves the core ideas and values in all its different shapes and forms.

The main goals set by the initiators of the Project for 2018-2025 are the following:

  • Promotion of the Project’s ideas across the world, not only as the project of building ETNOMIR park, the cultural and educational center “ETNOMIR” (store/restaurant/cultural center), but also, making emphasis on involving more people, regions, and countries.
  • Involvement of more people into the world’s culture with due respect to their identity and the native culture.
  • Gathering of the groups of the “global thinking and acting” people.
  • Interaction with the younger generation (pupils, students) and youth. It includes education, promotion of the ideas and values of ETNOMIR across the world, fostering harmonious, natural and positive, intelligent and humane relationships regardless of ethnicity or religious affiliation. The development of the ethnic and cultural competence. Analysis and understanding of the basis of sustainable development, intercultural dialogue and public diplomacy.
  • Promotion of the models of the public diplomacy and the Fund’s mission across the world. Popularization of the values of the public diplomacy in the world.

The initiators of the project have adopted the following criteria for development 2018-2025 within the framework of the overall strategy.

All the criteria can be implemented in different formats, according to the financial model and business plan. The plan will be calculated on the basis of information concerning the size of the project, capabilities of partners and investors, the ideal model of the project and types of businesses planned for the development.

  • Accessing financial markets and attracting more partners and shareholders. More

  • ETNOMIR franchise across the world More

  • Promotion of the ETNOMIR concept through the construction of cultural and educational center “ETNOMIR” in partnership with active and globally minded representatives of countries and regions of the world. More