ETNOMIR - Kazakhstan

ETNOMIR is planning to open the branch of the Cultural and Educational Center "ETNOMIR Kazakhstan" in 10.5 ha 15 km south west of Almaty.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is situated in the center of Eurasia. Within the current conditions of East-West dialogue, the Kazakhstan's Eurasian initiative of creation and tolerance constitutes international economic and cultural interaction, based on principles of tolerance, sustaining peace and resilience, mutually beneficial partnership. The fundamental feature of contemporary Eurasia is ethnocultural variety and unity of the features of Turkic, Slavic and West European civilizations.

The unique miniature model of the world will be transformed and realized in a picturesque landscape of the Trans-Ili Alatau foothills. The nature features of the location and the project's environmental programs for ecotourism development, maintenance of traditional types of farming in the regions of Kazakhstan will shape the ambience of Cultural and Educational Center "ETNOMIR - Kazakhstan".

One of the important goals of the ETNOMIR-Kazakhstan project is to preserve the unique garden of the Almaty Aport, which occupies more than 3 ha of cultivated landscapes. In 2006, the program of restoration of the Aport Gardens was opened on the territory of the Almaty region. Within the framework of the project, actions are carried out to preserve, restore and renew the apple orchard which consists of 60% of the Aport trees. The territory of the apple orchard will accommodate a museum of the Almaty aport, where visitors will have chance to get acquainted with the origins of one of the oldest type of apples. It will feature a historical photo exhibition, master classes of artisans dedicated to the symbol of Almaty, as well as a fair of local varieties of apples.

The project of the Cultural and Educational Center "ETNOMIR - Kazakhstan" will be emphasize the main purposes of ETNOMIR park. The park will have the Street of the World, where the houses of the world peoples will be located, demonstrating traditional lifestyles, handicrafts and applied folk arts. Museums and exhibition halls will reflect the diversity and uniqueness of 130 ethnic groups living in the Republic. The authentic ethnic buildings "Kochevye" will present the traditional architecture of Kazakhstan. Craft workshops will introduce the visitors to folk and applied arts of the peoples of the world, and ethnic cuisines will be presented in ethnic cafes and restaurants.

The central square of the ETNOMIR-Kazakhstan complex will become a venue for festivals, thematic celebrations, concert and theater performances, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, adventure and sightseeing tours.

The project "ETNOMIR-Kazakhstan" will allow to reflect the current state of the cultural heritage in all its diversity, expand the idea of traditions and customs and will become a space for cultural, educational and business dialogue between countries and peoples.

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